Production Executive

Ibn Sina Pharmaceutical Industry PLC

Company Description

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Role Description

This job is for a full-time Production Executive position based in Gazipur. As a Production Executive, your main job is to oversee how things are made, especially at our site in Gazipur. You’ll make sure that production runs smoothly, meets its goals, and keeps up high quality. Your job also involves working with different teams to improve how things are done, making them work better and faster.

Qualifications • You should have worked in a production or manufacturing job before. • It’s important to know a lot about how things are made and how to keep quality high. • You need to be great at solving problems and making decisions. • Working well under pressure and getting things done on time is a must. • Good communication skills are key, as you’ll be working with different teams. • Paying attention to details and being well-organized are important. • Knowing about safety rules and making sure everyone follows them is crucial. • You should have a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (like Pharmacy) and a Master’s degree in Pharmaceutical Marketing.

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