Bangla Panu Boi

I was very angry with Roy Saheb. I showed Shampa my lungs and said: Shampa, if you agree, the few days I am here, I can fulfill your wish. You held my cock in your hand while you learned to swim. But Mr. Roy shouldn’t realize that. Shampa lifted her nightie up to her waist, pulled out her pussy in front of me and said, “Yes, Vinay, I agree a hundred times.” You put your cock in my pussy and fuck me to your heart’s content. There is nothing wrong with having sex in the morning, your boss is fast asleep at this time.



While working in Andaman on job, I got to know one of my colleague Sushant’s wife Rupa, who lives in Diglipur Island, and how I got the opportunity to fuck her day after day. Today I am telling the readers how I got the opportunity to fuck his real beautiful bride after talking to him who took the family to Andaman. Although Arindam Roy was younger than me, he held a higher position than me in Mayabandar Island. Rai Saheb’s wife Shampa and five-year-old daughter Rima were members of Roy Saheb’s family. I had heard that Shampa was perfect and a real beauty so I really wanted to see her. Since there was no entertainment available in the remote villages of Andaman, people like me who migrated from Calcutta to Andaman for two years used to travel from one island to another island to spend their free time. Thus the office would be closed for three days at a time, Roy informed me. . Bangla Panu Golpo

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For those three days, he is coming to my island i.e. Diglipur with his family, so I should make arrangements for them to stay and eat. Although there is no good hotel in Diglipur, I arranged for him to stay in a hotel. On the appointed day, Roy came to visit Diglipur with his family. I had my first conversation with Roy Saheb that day. The gentleman is very thin and can never be called a handsome man but Boudi i.e. Roy Sahib’s wife is a real beauty, about 5’8 tall, which is not often seen in Bengali girls; About 30 years old, fair, slim, but God has not spared any special features of women. The lady’s name is Shampa, shalwar kurta parihita, the veil clinging to the neck, the eyes could not be turned away from the pair of lovely developed breasts. There is no such adornment, of course there is no need for adornment for his beautiful face. If dressed, Boudi will become a fire and cannot be looked at again. It was as if an Apsara had just ascended from heaven to earth. Seeing Mr. Roy in Baudi’s pass, it felt like a necklace of pearls around a monkey’s neck. Baudi had no hesitation, so he extended his hand for a handshake during the conversation. As a result of the handshake, the touch of Baudi’s extraordinarily soft hands sent electricity through my body. I thought to myself that I have fucked many girls and brides in my life, but life will remain incomplete if I don’t fuck this girl. Bangla Panu Golpo

Shampa Boudi is a higher ranking official than me i.e. my boss’s wife, so moving towards her means losing my own job, so I had no choice but to watch Boudi’s youth, despite my desire. I asked to rest and came to my room promising to come back sometime for dinner. Shampa Boudi’s extraordinary youth flashed before my eyes again and again. I was thinking, what is the fate of Mr. Roy, getting the opportunity to fuck this opsari. Of course, this skinny chutko Roy Saheb can satisfy this beauty. During the dinner, I sat in the front seat of Baudi in the restaurant, so I had the opportunity to see the notch of Baudi’s breasts several times. She was smiling at me as I looked at Boudi’s groove. Perhaps Boudi understood my latent desire, so she made no attempt to cover the breasts with the veil. I could not sleep that night. In front of my eyes, the groove of Boudi’s mai was floating again and again. As a result, I had to pack up thinking about Boudi. The next morning I came to her house and after breakfast we decided to visit Ross and Smith Island. Just before going out, I entered the nearby toilet of her house to take a bath. I noticed Shampa Boudi’s used shalwar, bra and panty hanging on the toilet faucet. Probably the underwear that Boudi came in yesterday was opened for glass. I noticed Boudi wears 36B size bra which means Boudi’s breast structure is quite large. I kissed a lot on baudi’s shalwar and then put my mouth on bra’s edge and smelled the sweet smell of baudi’s tits and felt the touch of her breasts in my mind. Similarly on the panty’s edge where the pussy touches, I smelled boudi’s pussy with my mouth and licked that place with my tongue. I gave Fortunately, I found two brown hairs from the panty skirt. Naturally, the hair was the smooth hair of the grandmother, which I carefully kept to myself. I thought to myself that the smell of the pussy is so sweet, the pussy is going to be amazingly sweet. Who knows if I will ever get a chance to enjoy this beauty’s pussy. Bangla Panu Golpo

Vuter Golpo (ভুতের গল্প বই পিডিএফ ডাউনলোড)

After I got out of the mutt, Boudi also got into the mutt and after a while the four of us got out. Ross and Smith islands are a boat ride from Diglipur’s offshore aerial bay and takes about twenty minutes. The natural beauty of this place is amazing, two islands located in the middle of the sea are connected by a sand causeway. When the tide comes in the sea, the sand path separates the two islands, and at low tide, the sand path comes out of the sea again and crosses the two islands. On that day, Boudi was wearing leggings and a kurti, which made Boudi’s scars more visible. I also boarded the boat with Roy Saheb’s family from Aerial Bay.

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